09. Writing Homepage

Directions: Create a homepage for all of your writing assignments.

  1. Create an index.html using the source code below.
  2. Save this file in the writing folder.
  3. Create a link on the home page to the writing home page. <a href="writing/index.html">Writing</a>
  4. Create a back link to the portfolio homepage in the right hand menu bar.
    <a href="../index.html">Back</a>
  5. Link all writing assigments in your writing folder.
  6. Create links in the left hand section of the writing home page to all essays in the writing folder. <a href="digital_literacy.docx">Digital Literacy</a>
  7. This is the link that goes on the Portfolio Homepage and opens the Writing Homepage.
    <a href="writing/index.html">Writing</a>
  8. This link goes on the Writing Homepage and links you back to the Portfolio Homepage.
    <a href="../index.html">Back</a>
  9. This link goes on the Writing Homepage and links to all of the writing assignments.
    <a href="personal_expository.doc">Personal Expository</a>
  10. Advanced students may want to link writing assignments from your other writing courses to the writing homepage.


<table width=660 border=1>


<td width=540 valign=top>
Writing Homepage
<br><a href="personal_expository.docx">Personal Expository</a>

<td width=120 valign=top>
<a href="../index.html">Back</a>