03. Terrain Navigation

Directions: It is also important to have an understanding of basic geographical features in the area in which you will fly. Fly an F-18 from Fairchild AFB to Fairchild Internation Airport in Port Angeles, WA using terrain navigation. Identify major geographical landmarks along the way.

  1. Locate a Washington state geographical features map.
  2. Set up a scenerio where your F-18 starts at Fairchild AFB and takes off heading west.
  3. Become familiar with HUD (heads up display) at the bottom of this page.
  4. Fly at a heading of 270 degrees and identify three major Washington state landforms. The Columbia River, The Cascade Mountains, and Mt. Rainier. Once you locate Mt. Rainier, adjust your heading so that you head towards Seattle and the Puget Sound, and then finally down the Straits of Juan de Fuca.
  5. Land at Fairchild International Airport in Port Angeles.
  6. In your flight journal describe five major geographical landforms you saw during this flight. An example would be a Moses Lake.