02. Takeoffs and Landings

Directions: Orient yourself with the Microsoft flight simulator by practicing takeoffs and landings at Fairchild International Airport in Port Angeles, WA.

  1. Create a flight_journal.html that includes the date, the flight unit, and answers to each flight unit in the flight academy series.
  2. Save the flight_journal.html in the Innovation folder.
  3. Link the flight_journal.html under the section called Innovation on the homepage as Flight Journal.
  4. Utilize Microsoft Flight Simulator multi-player to fly a Cessna aircraft located at Fairchild International Airport in Port Angeles, WA.
  5. Fly the aircraft over the Straits of Juan de Fuca in a clockwise pattern and attempt multiple take-offs and landings at the airport.
  6. The goal is to approach the airport in a controlled manner so that you are aligned straight with the airport. Your airspeed should be slow and controlled. You should be able to stop before coming to the end of the runway.
  7. Begin to familiarize yourself with the Airspeed Indicator, the Altimeter, the Heading Indicator, the Attitude Indicator, and the Compass.
  8. In your flight journal describe the experience of trying to take-off and land at the airport. What new perspective of Port Angeles did you gain from this experience?

Airspeed Indicator


Heading Indicator

Attitude Indicator