20. Resume

Directions: Create a one to two page personal resume using Microsoft Word that can be updated for the remainder of your professional career.

  1. Save this as resume.docx in the writing folder.
  2. Link resume.docx under the Resume section of the portfolio home page.
  3. Use the following html code <a href="writing/resume.docx">Resume</a>
  4. Use real and accurate information for this assignment.
  5. Include personal contact information at the top of the page.
  6. Include an objective, work experience, education and skills, community service, hobbies-clubs and interests, honors and awards, and references section.
  7. Your objective is to convince your favorite college or university that they should accept you into their school.
  8. The document is one to two pages in length and uses font size is 10 or 12.
  9. The entire document is done in the same font except for headings and emphasis.
  10. Use bold and italics to draw attention to key items only.
  11. Use action verbs to emphasize your accomplishments.
  12. Use standard writing conventions and do not let minor errors distract the reader.

Joe Smith, 1234 West Street, Port Angeles, WA 98362, (360) 457-1234, email@server.com

I am applying to be accepted into...

Work Experience
Lawn Mowing, 1999-Present, I currently take care of the lawns for the local golf course.
Babysitting, 1997-Present, I currently babysit for my neighbors. I perform duties such as taking care of infants and cleaning the house during the time that I work.

Education and Skills
Stevens Middle School, 1998-Present, GPA, special classes that you have taken,.
First Aid Class, 1999, what did you learn.
Media-Technology, 1999-2001, what did you learn.
Elementary School, 1998-2001, describe your highlights.

Community Service
Activity, dates, what do you do or did.

Hobbies, Clubs, and Interests
Activity, dates, what do you do.

Honors and Awards
Award, date, why you received the award.

First Last, who they are, phone number, email.
First Last, who they are, phone number, email.
First Last, who they are, phone number, email.