39. Portfolio Presentation

Directions: Utilize your HTML- based portfolio, or a Google Apps Powerpoint to give your portfolio presentation. You will be asked to present for three to five minutes and to present your portfolio to an admissions representative from a college or university.

  1. Create a strong introduction for the presentation. Introduce yourself and explain your career goals and why you want to go to college.
  2. Present three to five key highlight areas of the portfolio that make you appear to be a professional.
  3. Create a strong closing for the presentation.


Presentation Notes:
Intro: My name is Jackie Jay and my goal is to attend University of Washington and study medicine.
Point 1: I have focused on my academics and getting good grades.
Point 2: I play music and have traveled to New York on multiple occasions.
Point 3: I have trained to be an athlete and have made health a life-long fitness goal.
Point 4: Community service is important to me.
Point 5: In my spare time I enjoy photography.
Conclusion: To reach my goals I have trained hard while in school.