08. Portfolio Homepage

Directions: Create a portfolio homepage that highlights your best work, your performances and activities, your awards and recognitions, and your professional progress and growth.

  1. Create a portfolio home page.
  2. Name the file index.html.
  3. Save the file in your personal 7 digit folder. This will be the only file not inside of another folder.
  4. Create a table that is divided into two columns. Use a 660 table width. Your first td will be width or 540 and your second td will be a width of 120.
  5. Your second td will be your menu bar and will link to all of the sub-directories in your portfolio.
  6. Linked pages will be stored in organized folders called typing, journals, la_essays, graphics, and so on.
  7. Update and maintain your portfolio on a regular basis.
  8. Include additional folders for your other subject areas such as science, la, ss, math, and electives.


<table width=660 border=1>


<td width=540 valign=top>
The personal expository essay will go here in the left column of the table.

<td width=120 valign=top>
The links to other porfolio pages will go here in the right column of the table.