14. Letterhead

Directions: Create a personal letterhead and add it to a document template.

  1. Create a letterhead that will be added to a .dotx file. You can create this as a .jpg image or you can use the draw tools in Microsoft Word.
  2. Save this document as letterhead.dotx in the writing folder.
  3. Link letterhead.dotx to the writing homepage.
  4. Listen to a presentation explaining letterhead and stationary.
  5. Watch a presentation on how to click view-toolbar-drawing to turn on and use the draw function in Microsoft Word.
  6. Use the right click feature to hold shift and group draw pieces together.
  7. Uncheck the move object with text box by right clicking and selecting format object, select the layout tab, and select advanced.
  8. Watch a presentation on how to create letterhead and save it as a document template file using Microsoft Word.
  9. Watch a presentation on how to use a document template file to write a letter.
  10. Create a letterhead template for writing letters and save it as a document template file.
  11. Include your name, address, phone number, email address.
  12. Include a personal logo made with draw that represents you as a person.
  13. Make the letterhead about 1 inch wide by 6.5 inches long.
  14. Use standard writing conventions and use them with accuracy and when appropriate. Minor errors must not distract the reader.