18. Legal Issues

Directions: Write a 3 to 5 paragraph expository essay explaining why the music industry should or should not prosecute individuals who illegally download music from the internet.

  1. Read the news story located outside the door in the classroom about illegal music downloading.
  2. Save this file as legal_issues.docx in the writing folder.
  3. Link legal_issues.docx to the index.html in the writing folder.
  4. Place a proper heading on your paper.
  5. Title the paper Legal Issues.
  6. Utilize expository writing standards for your paper.
  7. Advanced students may want to search the internet for supporting documents about illegal music downloading. Reference at least three of these documents in your paper.

Jackie Jay
Technology P1
Jan 1, 2004
Legal Issues

It is not okay to burn or download music off of the Internet because it is illegal. Second, illegal downloading affects the singers a lot because they lose money. Also illegal downloaders may tell there friends to do it and get them arrested.

First, just because there is free music right in front of somebody does not mean it is ok to steal. People feel that because no one can stop them from getting music that it is not illegal. This is not true. There are ways for the RIAA to see who is downloading illegal music.

Illegal downloaders also cause problems for singers who are trying to make a living. Singers lose money because they cannot sell cds. So really, illegal downloaders are robbing their favorite singers.

People who illegally download music may tell their friends and those friends may tell more friends. One of those friends may tell a parent or adult what they are doing and the whole chain of people could get easily get caught for their illegal behavior. If the parents tell the police they could get charged for what they did. They could go to jail or pay a lot of money to clear their name for what they did.

Many people around the world illegally download music and it needs to stop. I came up with three main reasons why it’s not okay to download or burn music off the internet and I hope this essay will prevent a future downloader from making a big mistake.