44. Learning Styles

Directions: Everybody has an area of their life that they have worked hard to become good at. To build on your strengths and to help you decide your future career, complete a learning styles inventory to help determine your current style of learning.

  1. Create a file called learning_styles.html and save it in the innovation folder.
  2. Link the learning_styles.html under the Innovation section on the homepage and call the link Learning Style.
  3. Review the primary styles of learning: Naturalistic, Bodily, Musical, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Visual, Logical, Verbal : Click Here.
  4. Before moving to the next step, write a paragraph that best describes your learning style.
  5. Take an online learning styles survey. Click Here.
  6. Use a screen capture tool to copy a picture of the learning styles graph and results. Save the photos as learning_styles.jpg to the innovation folder.
  7. Add the .jpg image to the learning_styles.html.
  8. Now write a paragraph describing how your predicted learning style compared to the results of the online survey. Place this paragraph below the image.