03. Discussion Journal

Directions: Class discussions will include leadership, media technology, only safety, and innovation topics. Class discussions will be recorded in a discussion journal. Use only ONE Word document for all the journal entries. Create a journal entry for each of the topics we discuss in class listed on the course outline.

  1. Use a word processing program to maintain a discussion journal.
  2. Save the file in your writing folder.
  3. Name the file journal.docx.
  4. Place a proper heading on the assignment.
  5. Place a new date before each journal entry paragraph.
  6. Link the assignment to the writing homepage.
  7. Refer to the Course Outline for the weekly discussion journal topics.
  8. Transfer this file to your Google Drive.

Jackie Jay
Technology P1
Jan 1, 2004
Discussion Journal

01/05/04: Do students know how to protect their personal information online?

01/14/04: ...

01/21/04: ...

01/26/04: ...