19. Internet Safety

Directions: The internet is a very valuable resource when used correctly. However, there are also those who use it to commit crimes. To learn how to better protect yourself from online criminals learn from the experience below.

  1. Watch the Amy's Choice video.
  2. Write a five paragraph expository essay describing how to use the internet safely.
  3. Include an introduction.
  4. Explain why the internet can be a dangerous place.
  5. Explain why the internet was a dangerous place for Amy.
  6. Describe what to do if you get into trouble on the internet.
  7. Include a conclusion.
  8. Save this project as internet_safety.docx in your writing folder.
  9. Link internet_safety.docx to the index.html in your writing folder.
  10. The internet is an amazing place to live, learn, and play, but if used incorrectly, people can get seriously hurt. Use your training to protect yourself and others while you are online.
  11. When in doubt always talk to your parents, a police officer, a school counselor, your principal, your teacher, or any other adult that you rely on for professional advice.