36. Video Biography

Directions: Create a video using your personal expository essay.

  1. Create a new folder called video_biography in the innovation folder.
  2. Review the personal expository essay.
  3. Create or select one to three digital photos that describes each of the three paragraphs in your essay. Save these photos in the instruction_video folder.
  4. Open Microsoft Movie Maker.
  5. Import each pictures into Movie Maker.
  6. Save the project in your video_biography folder as video_biography.mswmm.
  7. Print a copy of the personal expository.
  8. Connect a microphone to the computer and record yourself reading the script.
  9. Save the recording in the video_biography folder.
  10. Adjust the length of each picture to align with the reading of each paragraph.
  11. Make a medium quality video_biography.wmv video by clicking the make movie tab. Save this in the video_biography folder.
  12. Embed the video on a index.html homepage using the code below.


<!-- this is the windows media embedded player -->
<EMBED SRC="innovation/video_biography/video_biography.wmv" alt="Video not available
<!-- end windows media player -->