22. Hobbies and Clubs

Directions: Create a hobbies and clubs home page.

  1. Create a folders called hobbies.
  2. Create and index.html in the hobbies folder.
  3. Link this page directly from your portfolio homepage under the Resume section below the Resume link.
  4. Use accurate and true information.
  5. Write a paragraph describing each of your hobbies on the index.html.
  6. Advanced students may want to include a photo of themselves involved in the activity or hobby described above.
  7. Advanced students may want to expand to a 5 paragraph essay.
  8. Part 1 Should be a lead sentence. It is a summary of the hobby. It describes the what the hobby is.
  9. Part 2, For example... give an example of your hobby. Elaborate on that your hobby is - or what you do exactly for your hobby.
  10. Part 3, One reason why... give a reason why you like your hobby.
  11. Part 4 tells what you are learning because of your hobby. How does this hobby benefit you; does this hobby benefit someone else?
  12. Part 5 tells how the hobby applies to your future.