33. High School Plan

Directions: Create a high school and beyond plan that will allow you to reach your career goals.

  1. Create a file called high_school_plan.html and save the file in the innovation folder.
  2. Link high_school_plan.html to the home page under the Innovation section as High School Plan.
  3. Search the internet and identify a university or college that offers a degree in the career you plan to go into.
  4. Locate a photo of the university, save it to the innovation folder, and link it at the top the high_school_plan.html page.
  5. In your first paragraph describe why this is the right college or university for you to attend. Describe what career this college will prepare your for, how long it would take to finish the degree at this school, how much it would cost, and why you like where the school is located.
  6. Next review the Washington State High School Graduation Requirements.
  7. Next review the Port Angeles High School website.
  8. In your next paragraph describe what classes you will need to take in high school to prepare you for your college or university of choice.
  9. Also describe what other programs you will get involved in at the High School to help you get accepted into your college.
  10. Finally, review the High School and Beyond plan for Washington State. Write a final paragraph describing if you think your Units 1-33 portfolio have met any of the High School and Beyond requirements.