30. Health Fitness

Directions: Create a document that shows fitness is part of your healthy life-style.

  1. Create a folder called fitness.
  2. Create an index.html in the fitness folder.
  3. Link the fitness homepage under the academics section of your portfolio homepage.
  4. Review the Rowing Techniques. video.
  5. Review the Concept II Ranking Page. Search for statistics in your age group.
  6. Create a rowing.xls spreadsheet and save it in your fitness folder.
  7. Use the rowing maching to row 500m and record how long it takes you.
  8. Select the Menu button, select racing, create race, select 500M, start race.
  9. Use the spreadsheet to chart at least three 500m rowing events.
  10. Place a copy of the rowing graph on the fitness homepage.
  11. Write a paragraph describing why the rowing graph represents how healthy you are. Also include information about how you could improve your rowing times. Why it is important to be fit. And what fitness activities you are involved with each year. Examples would include the sports you play, the pe classes you attend, or fitness activities at a local cub or gym.
  12. Place the pararagraphs on the fitness homepage.
  13. Create a link to the rowing spreadsheet and to other fitness spreadsheets that you create.
  14. Feel free to chart and include additional activities on the fitness homepage.
  15. A fitness activity such as a pace tape is another example.
  16. A fitness activity such as weekly maximum push-ups is another example.
  17. Olympic Peninsula Rowing


I am training to improve my running times in cross country. Cross country is my primary sport and I also run track. During the off-season I am now focusing on using the rowing machine to increase my cardio fitness and I am also using the weight room for strength training. My future goals are to be a state champion in High School and then to participate in a triathlon when I am in college. I then want to maintain a healthy life-style and run recreationally as an adult.