11. Graphic Arts

Directions: Create a graphics art home page. Create a 500 pixel wide or less .jpg image that represents something about you.

  1. Create a folder called art.
  2. Create an index.html in the art folder and link this page to the portfolio home page. Use the source code below.
  3. Title the page Graphics Arts and create a back button to your portfolio home page.
  4. Create a drawing using imaging software such as Microsoft Paint.
  5. Microsoft Paint can be found in Start/All Programs/Accessories/Paint
  6. Name the drawing mydesign.jpg.
  7. Save the drawing in the art folder.
  8. Use the <img src="mydesign.jpg"> command to place the image on your art homepage.
  9. This is the link that goes on the Portfolio Homepage and opens the Art Homepage.
    <a href="art/index.html">Art</a>
  10. This link goes on the Art Homepage and links you back to the Portfolio Homepage.
    <a href="../index.html">Back</a>
  11. Advanced students may want to utilize the open source software GIMP to create an advanced drawing.
  12. You can also scan or take pictures of other art projects to add to the art homepage.


<table width=660 border=1>


<td width=540 valign=top>

Art Homepage
<br><img src="mydesign.jpg">


<td width=120 valign=top>
<a href="../index.html">Back</a>