04. File Management

Directions: Develop a file management system for saving and backing up computer files.

  1. Students taking this course as a class will utilize a local network and personal folders to store their files and folders.
  2. Students may also utilize a usb drive or a cloud storage option if a local network is not availalbe.
  3. Students will also want to choose a second and third storage option as a backup. In the digital world, if it does not exist in three places it does not exist. It is also believe that there are two types of computer users. Those that have lost data, and those that are about to lose data.
  4. Regardless of the storage location used for this project, create a folder called (portfolio) to store all parts of this project. The () are used so the folder lines up at the top of the folder list.
  5. Create sub folders as directed throughout the various units.
  6. Save your files to appropriate folders as directed throughout the various units.
  7. Utilize all lower case letters and the _ character instead of empty spaces. This is important because all documents get linked together utilizing html.
  8. Advanced students may want to utilize an alternate system such as a portable usb drive, or cloud computing resource to save a copy of all of your project files.
  9. This class utilizes the Microsoft ecosystem for managing files and folders.