Frequently Asked Questions

"Do What You Have Been Trained to do Well."
  1. What will I do? Students will learn about effort and performance through typing, develop ISTE based computer skills, learn about innovation and online safety, and focus on building leadership and teamwork skills. Specifically, students will develop a web-based digital portfolio, utilize innovative tools to promote problem solving, and establish a career-based focus by creating a High School and Beyond Plan. View the Course Outline for day by day lessons and instructions. Advanced students will learn video production and broadcasting skills, advanced programming skills, research skills, and have the opportunity to participate in and manage multiple simulated training environments.

  2. What are the rules? Students will Be Thoughtful of themselves, others, and the work space.

  3. What materials do I need? Students will bring their binder to class each day, store it under their seat, and keep their student id number in their folder. Students may also want a set of personal ear buds and a usb drive. Please do not bring backpacks, coats, musical instruments, or inappropriate items to class.

  4. How am I graded? Students should be able to finish all assignments in class. Grades are based on the completion or 13 units first quarter and another 13 units second quarter. Each assignment is worth 100 points. When students complete an assignment they need to request to have their assignments graded by the teacher. Once an assignment has been graded the score will be recorded in Skyward online at least once a week. Parents may contact the school secretary for their Skyward log-in rights and check their student progress on Skyward. Students please remember to read all directions before asking to be graded and do not print any assignment. You get one grading chance per hour so make sure your work is complete before asking to be graded.

  5. Are there advanced media options? Yes. Students may achieve Honors Status in the program by working ahead and completing advanced units. Students who register for the class a second or third semester may continue working on the units they left off on the previous semester if all skills were preciously mastered. If a returning student does feel confident in their work, they may delete a previous semesters work and start over.

  6. How do I make up missing work? Students complete 13 units per quarter. Midterm is a good time to evaluate if a student has fallen behind. If a student is struggling at midterms it usually means the student has chosen not to work in class. Please utilize the classroom lab before school, the library lab during lunch, or the library lab during after school homework clubs to get caught up. There is also tutoring available. If a students falls behind advanced students will be available to help. Students will not be penalized for turning in late work. All assignments are graded in order of 1 through 26 and are assigned a score of 100 points per unit. In other words, Unit 10 cannot be graded before Unit 09 has been completed.

  7. Will a learning disability prevent me from completing the class? No. All assignments are designed to accommodate all levels of learners.

  8. What software do we use for the assignments? Units are based on the use of both Microsoft and open source products. Below is a list of open source software that can be downloaded and used to complete units. Audacity, Blender, Format Factory, Gimp, Google SketchUp, Movie Maker, OpenOffice, Picassa, Scratch, Ubuntu, VLC Media Player

  9. How can I help? is updated real time and evolves each semester based on new technologies, learning standards, and student needs. If you run across grammatical or technical errors feel free to email me and I will update the site accordingly. Also, parents or community volunteers that wish to lead personal interviews when students reach Unit 39 can also help by volunteering.

  10. Parent communication and Feedback. Parents can learn about the program by visiting, attending back to school night, attending parent teacher conferences, and by emailing me at Messages may also be sent via Skyward when necessary. Students can leave feedback Here.