08. Airspeed

Directions: The following are calculations commonly performed by pilots: distance = rate x time (d=rt). 1 knot = 1.15 mph. MPH-Knots Converter Utilize the formulas to plan a flight from Seatac Airport in Seattle to Fairchild Airport in Port Angeles.

Cessna C1723 Skyhawk: 110 Knots
Mooney Bravo: 150 Knots
Boeing F/A-18: 900 Knots
North American P-51D: 400 MPH
Bombardier Learjet 45: 400 Knots with landing gear down, 475 Knots with gear up.

  1. You have only twenty minutes (t) to fly from Seattle to Port Angeles.
  2. The distance between Seatac and Port Angeles is 100 miles.
  3. Utillize your journal and the formulas to determine which plane will allow you to make the flight in twenty minutes.
  4. Determine which plane you will fly and how long it will take you to make the flight.
  5. Present your solution and request permission to make the flight.
  6. Fly the scenerio.
  7. In your flight journal the include the date, the flight plan, and what you learned flying the scenerio. Inlcude what plane you flew, how long it took you to complete the flight, and what you saw and learned from the flight.
  8. Test Question 01: A plane travels 200 knots for 5 hours. How many normal ground miles will the plane travel.
  9. Test Question 02: A plane travels 1800 knots in 2 hours. What is the speed of the plane and which plane was the pilot flying.


Directions: A tailwind is a wind moving in the same directions as an airplane and it increases the speed of the aircraft. A headwind is a wind moving in the opposite direction of an airplane and it slows the speed of the aircraft.

  1. In order to determine the speed of an airplane add tailwind speeds to the actual speed and subtract headwind speeds. For example, a plane traveling at 100 knots with a tailwind of 15 knots is traveling at 115 knots.
  2. Test Question 1: A plane's speed is 250 knots. The tailwind speed is 25 knots. What is the actual speed of the airplane?
  3. Test Question 1: A plane's speed is 150 knots. The headwind speed is 40 knots. What is the actual speed of the airplane?