21. Cover Letter

Directions: Create a cover letter for your resume using your existing business letterhead. The cover letter explains to a college or university why they should select you to attend their school. The cover letter introduces your resume and is attached to the front of your resume packet.

  1. Save this document as cover_letter.docx in the writing folder.
  2. Link this page directly from your portfolio homepage under the Resume section above the Resume link.
  3. Use the following html code <a href="writing/cover_letter.docx">Cover Letter</a>
  4. Write a cover letter that introduces your resume packet.
  5. Address the letter as Dear Sir, Dear Selections Committee, or a specific name if you know it.
  6. Include an inside address, salutation, body, closing, and signature.
  7. Use single spaced block paragraphs and skipped one line between paragraphs.
  8. Describe why you are qualified to do the job.
  9. Use standard writing conventions. Do not allow errors to distract the reader.