41. Computer History

Directions: Study the history of the personal computer and write a one page essay outlining the history.

  1. Create a document called computer_history.doc and save it in the innovation folder.
  2. Link this document under the Innovation section of the homepage.
  3. Ask your teacher to watch a video about the history of the computer.
  4. Research the key terms below as you watch the video.
  5. Take notes about key points, dates, people, and companies that contributed to the development of the computer.
  6. Write a minimum of a one page essay that describes the history of the computer.
  7. Organize the essay chronologically.
  8. Use standard writing conventions and avoid editing errors that distract the reader.
  9. Make the reader feel like you are an expert about the personal computer.
  10. Include the following topics in your essay.
    1. Mainframe Computer
    2. Microprocessor and Intel
    3. Altair 8800 and Ed Roberts
    4. Basic Programming Language
    5. Apple Computer
    6. Steve Jobs
    7. Steve Wozniak
    8. Venture Capitalist
    9. Killer Application
    10. IBM Personal Computer
    11. Operating System
    12. PC Clone
    13. Reverse Engineering
    14. Compaq Computer and Rod Canion
    15. OS/2 Operating System
    16. Windows Operating System
    17. Microsoft
    18. Bill Gates
    19. Paul Allen
    20. Steve Ballmer
    21. GUI Graphical User Interface