24. Community Service

Directions: How do you give back to your community? Create a community service web page.

  1. Create a folder called community.
  2. Create an index.html in the community service folder.
  3. Link this page directly from your portfolio homepage under the Resume section below the Work link.
  4. Write a paragraph describing your community service.
  5. Use accurate and true information.
  6. Add additional paragraphs to demonstrate a well rounded community service experience.
  7. Link the page to your portfolio homepage.
  8. Advanced students may want to include a photo of themselves participating in community service.
  9. If you have not completed any service, describe a community service activity that you would like to be get involved with.
  10. These activities could include coordinating with your school and performing services around the school to make it a better place.
  11. You could also propose and coordinate "something big". An example might be a food or clothing drive at your school that benefits students living in a third world country.

A community service project that all can get involved with is the "Give Projects." These projects aim to make a difference in the world around us. To maintain an ongoing budget for these programs we continually collect both Box Tops and Pop Tabs. Pop Tabs are recycled at face value for aluminum and some students chose to recycle the whole can. And Box Tops are submitted at a value of ten cents each. Past projects have included advent calendars for cancer patients at Children's Hospital, Food Drives, LLS Firefighter Dollar Drives, and Letters to Maria to support education in Nicaragua.