32. Business Plan

Directions: Think about your learning style, your personal brand, and your innovation journal. Create a business plan that outlines a real business that you would like to start someday. If you can create a business plan around work that you are already doing that might be a great option. Visit the following Business Plan website and read about starting a business.

  1. Create a business.html in the innovation folder.
  2. Link the business.html under the Innovation section of the home page as Business Plan.
  3. Center the name of your business on the homepage.
  4. Create a short slogan below the title that describes what service or product you provide.
  5. Expand your slogan and write a complete paragraph that describes what service or products you provide.
  6. Explain why people would want to do business with your business and not somebody elses.
  7. Include why you are a qualified owner and worker.
  8. Describe something innovative your business offers.
  9. Describe the prices you will charge for your products or service.
  10. Create a business_logo.jpg that represents your business. Save it in the innovation folder, and place it on the business.html. Make sure your logo would look good on a website, letterhead, sign, t-shirt, hat, or on a billboard. Do not use photos from the internet for the logo.
  11. Include at least one photo of the product or service you provide and include a written description below the photo.