04. Altitude

Directions: Fly from Fairchild International Airport in a defined heading and determine the elevation of Mount Olympus.

  1. Fairchild Airport is located at approximately 288 feet above sea level.
  2. Leave the airport in a Cessna aircraft in a heading of appoximately 195 degrees.
  3. Head towards the Olympic Mountains until you find Mt. Olympus.
  4. Fly as close to the mountain as possible and check your altimeter to determine an approximate height of the mountatin.
  5. Reverse your heading and return back to the airport and land.
  6. Utilizing a map and determine the distance from the airport to the mountain.
  7. In your flight journal describe what you learned flying this flight scenerio. Inlcude what plane you flew, the elevation of Mount Olympus, and how long it took you to complete the flight.

Airspeed Indicator


Heading Indicator

Attitude Indicator